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Styra Load Introduction

Styra Load is an enterprise-grade drop-in replacement for the Open Policy Agent (OPA) that offers:

  • Datasource integrations: Connect quickly to your Kafka, LDAP, S3 without needing to write or manage your own plugins.
  • Secrets manager integration: Connect to HashiCorp Vault to securely use http.send.
  • Logging integrations: Send your authorization decision logs to Splunk or Kafka.
  • Live impact analysis: Check to see if your new policies impact production before they are merged.
  • Lower costs: Use cheaper cloud infrastructure because Styra Load uses 10x less memory and 40% less CPU than OPA.

Hello World


A trial license is required to evaluate Styra Load. Please register for a license at the Styra Load Free Trial page.

See the performance improvements for yourself

The following commands are used to try Styra Load.

  1. brew install styrainc/packages/load
  2. export STYRA_LOAD_LICENSE_KEY=<your license key> – (Register for a trial license)
  3. load run -s
  4. curl 'http://localhost:8181/metrics/alloc_bytes?pretty=true'

The following commands compare Styra Load with OPA.

  1. opa run -s -a localhost:8282
  2. curl 'http://localhost:8282/metrics/alloc_bytes?pretty=true'

Memory usage for both Styra Load and OPA peaks at launch. Wait a short time before checking the metrics to see typical operational figures.

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